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Hey ya. Welcome to my world where love has all the flavor and none of the boundaries. Have a seat, sit back and relax. Feel free to play here, that was what I had in mind when my world was created. I'm sure you'll find something to hold your interest. Perhaps you'd like to chat. I love hearing from readers, click on Contact Me and I'll get a notification. Stay as long as you like, enjoy yourself and thank you for stopping by.


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Out Now! Defiant Dragon

(Shifter Legends Book 3)

She was worth more than any treasure.

Jax never doubted he would find his mate. What he didn't expect was that she would be a mermaid--with attitude. Or that she could kill simply by opening her mouth. His quest to help his friends find the riches just got much more complicated.

Her goal was to free her father.

Sometimes it takes fire to fight fire. Unexpected twists take River down paths she never expected. Conning a dragon into helping her, she never realized the consequences of her actions. Or how one desperate deed would change her life.


Out Now! Primal

(Pride Riders Book 2)

By any means necessary.
Shay Genovee made it her mission to bring her cousin home. Staring into the icy azure gaze of a tiger, she realizes she made some rash decisions. To escape the beast won’t be easy but does she really want to?
Her scent made him primal.
Trace Kuhn didn’t speak because he didn’t have too. As the only tiger in a pride of lions, he let his actions be his words. Until he met a woman whose mouthwatering aroma sent him over the edge of reason. He would have her at any price, even if it cost him his clan.


Coming Soon! Birds of Prey


Thunderbird by Kassanna

He did what he had to do.

Jace Long Feather could admit he was a little bit crazy. As a Thunderbird, a shifter tasked with protecting his people, the Supai Indian Nation, he had no problem with death and dismemberment. To maintain their reservation was paramount. Then she shoved him in the back of a Jeep.

A chance encounter.

Leticia Washington knew she was going to jail. While trespassing on the Supai Reservation, she came across a federally protected bird species. A badly hurt California Condor. In her haste, she stuck him in the back of her SUV and prayed she didn’t get caught. Then she discovered the bird wasn’t an animal at all.

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