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Hello Friends!

Thank you for visiting my website. I have been negligent of this site and for that I apologize.

Sadly I haven't been writing much, there has been a lot going on. Natural disasters and family issues have sapped my creativity. I am slowly getting back into the swing of things and I thank you sooo much for your patience.

I won't promise whats is coming out or when. I have quite a few books in various stages and will work diligently to get them out as quickly as possible.

My news letter. Its something that I still have to work on. I'll upload the links once I have them.Books come first so all I can promise is that my newsletter will be addressed st some point this year.

I want to thank you again for keeping in touch with me - my mom was ill and getting her healthy was an uphill battle. She recently passed so - yeah - I have had a hard time accepting the fact she is gone. That amazing woman was my backbone and - well - how do you stand when you don't
have that anymore. Its no excuse but I wanted you to know I appreciate every email. For a minute I had this overwhelming feeling of being alone and your contact made a difference.

2018 has not been the easiest year so far. I am slowly reinventing this website. Thank you for not forgetting me. Contact me if there is something you would like to see me add to this site and let me know what you think of my new books. Hell, hollar if you just want to say hi! Have a great year you amazing readers.


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Out Now!

He will never lose her again…
August Arnati dreams in vivid color of a woman he has never met. Death and destruction dog their steps in his dreams. A fate, he doesn’t know how to change. His soulmate, her image drives him. Always. When he finds her. He will never let her go.
Kiya Zaghloul can’t shake the imagery that fills her mind. Emotions she has never felt in reality, flood her fantasy world. Her worlds collide when she meets the man that plagues her dreams.
His approach – A cheesy pickup line.
Her decision will set in motion a fate they should have shared the first time.

New Release

Queen of Clubs, Queen of Hearts, Queen of Spades and Queen of Diamonds

Players Club the series - a joint venture with Reana Malori, Shara Azod, and Marteeka Karland

Queen Of Clubs