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Sex Oughta Be Luscious

Mike has watched Lynda for months. He wants her. He’s asked her out several times only to be told “no.” Her reasoning baffles him; he sees no problem with her being eighteen years his senior. He doesn’t believe it’s anybody’s business that they work together. If she would simply give him a chance, he could show her exactly how much fun they could have.

Lynda has done everything within her power to discourage Mike’s attraction to her. He’s idealistic. However she resides in the real world, and at forty, she has certainly learned a few things. To top it off, she’s his boss, and she can’t keep avoiding him. Her only option is to nip his growing infatuation in the bud. She simply has to figure out how to do that when she wants him as much as he desires her. All things considered, she has her work cut out for her.



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A Pussy, a Pirate and Poachers

Milla week was bad, a lot harder than usual for an import/export expert. Alex couldn't believe he'd found his mate. Too bad she's a smuggler.

Milla didn't know who or what she pissed off, but she was having the worst week of her life. Her ship had sunk during a freak storm. Luckily, she'd gotten her crew and most of her cargo off. But somehow she ended up on an island with a neurotic cat, a black panther to be more specific. Her week from hell culminates when they land on an island owned by an ex-drug lord with security issues. Then there was one little issue she didn't see coming. Ole pussycat wasn't a panther at all.

Alex had no clue why he didn't want to leave the infuriating woman. At least he didn't until he got a good whiff of her. Now all he could think about was mating her. That alone was ridiculous, she was human. What made it worse was her penchant for illegal activities. As an ATF officer he was geared and ready to take her down for smuggling. Now he found himself doing anything to protect her. And she thought her day was bad.


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See Dick Run

Moira Blackstone is living her dream. She is a private detective in Baton Rouge, LA. Most of her jobs involve low level cheating husbands and minor thefts, until the case of a lifetime falls in her lap. She’s been tracking a potential serial killer dubbed the Valentine’s Day Widower. There are only two small problems with this job. Kever LaRue is the officer assigned to the case, and the serial killer she was after committed suicide in front of her.

Or did he…Someone has made multiple attempts on Moira’s life.

Kever LaRue is a gator hunter turned homicide detective with the Baton Rouge P.D. He’s been after Moira since she came to town in her tight jeans and fast car. She’d never really given him the time of day, but now she had no choice. An unknown assailant is after her, and Kever is assigned as her protection. Now if only he could keep her from getting herself killed without throttling the life out of her himself or making love to the aggravating woman, he’d say it was a good day.



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The Keys to Victory

Travis had nowhere else to turn and Henri had no choice but to help.

Travis Ward tracked his missing sister down to Louisiana. Once there, no one would help him, claiming not to handle his type of missing person's case. Instead, he's referred to a sexy Voodoo priestess.

Henriette Chaisson never expected a man like Travis to be standing on her porch or the way her body reacted to him. When he explained his problem she understood everyone's reluctance to help. It delved into the world of the paranormal.

Together, they track his sister down and their attraction for each other quickly becomes distraction leaving Travis to make the most difficult decision of his life.



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