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Rogue Dragon

Synda Supreme has known all her life she was a dragon…sort of. The love child of a human mother and dragon father, she’s maintained the secret and lived as a human never realizing that her last name is actually a title.

Until she met another dragon.

Kirill Kavinkovy knew nothing of the woman he was sent to kill but one look at her and he kidnaps her instead--unwittingly setting off a series of events that will change the dragon clans forever. With her he could rule a nation.

Warning: This book contains a hot dragon with a sexy accent and a sultry heroine with a penchant for fighting. Watch the sparks fly as these two find out just how low a dragon will go.

Stone Guardian

Myths are real...

Ember Tituba was thrust into a world where people and predators live, work, and play together. Most humans don't realize that. She needs to focus on her surroundings and not the beast disguised as a sexy man.

Timur Fortescue prefers a low key lifestyle but in battle, he used his body as a shield to save Ember. Lately, all his thoughts center on her. When a deadly foe threatens them, Timur makes the decision to show her exactly what he is and how lethal he can be.

A Gargoyle will kill to keep his mate safe.

Warning: This book contains a sexy stone shifter and a sarcastic heroine determined to make it without his help. He brings new meaning to the words bump and grind.